Who was Frank L. Weyenberg?
Frank L. Weyenberg was a self-made man who started the Weyenberg Shoe and Manufacturing Company in Milwaukee. It became one of the largest shoe makers in the country, employing thousands of people from the area. After retiring in 1968, Frank Weyenberg and his wife, Helen, wanted to give something back to the Mequon and Thiensville communities. On Christmas Eve 1969, he phoned Mequon Mayor James Eagan and offered to fund the construction of a new library. Frank Weyenberg lived in Mequon and in Florida until his death on July 4, 1976, at the age of 94. The Weyenberg Shoe Company is today known as the Weyco Group, and is still headquartered in Milwaukee. They manufacture Nunn-Bush and many other high-end leather and dress shoes.

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