When did the library open?
The Mequon-Thiensville Library opened on June 27, 1953, at 188 S. Main Street in Thiensville. This first library was stocked with 2,500 donated items and staffed by volunteers. As the communities grew, the library quickly outgrew the tiny storefront. In response to these needs, Mequon resident and philanthropist Frank L. Weyenberg donated the funds to construct a new permanent structure. The Frank L. Weyenberg Library opened at its current location on August 22, 1971, with 12,370 books, 250 records and five newspaper and 57 magazine subscriptions. It was built to house up to 60,000 items. By 1992 the Library's collection numbered over 80,000 items. To meet the growing needs of the communities, a major expansion was dedicated on September 18, 1994.

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8. When did the library open?
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