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Mar 15

A Book a Minute, Round 1

Posted on March 15, 2017 at 3:51 PM by Craig Jacobson

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What happens when you condense a book down to its barest essentials? Some of them are eminently recognizable. Others, nearly impossible to pick out. Some ultra-condensed book summaries are below.

Here’s an easy one to try: Huck goes rafting. Huck goes home.
If you guessed Huckleberry Finn, congratulations! You’re right!

Here are some other books to guess at.

Once there was a caterpillar who ate holes in stuff and turned into a butterfly.

A family’s farm is taken away. They go to California. On the way, there are calamities.

The Earth is bulldozed to make an interplanetary bypass, so always have your towel ready.

A lonely and cantankerous book store owner on a small island has his world turned upside down by two new ladies in his life.

A teddy bear thinks no one will buy him because he’s missing a button.

A captured British spy in Vichy France keeps a diary. So does her friend.

A 16-year-old boy roams around New York City for a couple of days after getting kicked out of school and shares the details of his inner thoughts about the people and situations he encounters before being sent to a sanatorium.

A story of a missing wife turns from mystery to suspense to psychological thriller as the truth comes out about both main characters.

The Bachelor and The Hunger Games made a book together.

Little rabbit says goodnight to everything.

An angel and a demon sabotage the apocalypse.

An Australian conservator analyzes an illuminated Jewish text’s history.

Two teens with cancer fall in love and go on a trip.

Summaries from: Rinkworks Book-a-Minute list, B.A.D. Girls Book Club, and Weyenberg Library staff.