100 Books Before High School

100 Books Before High School Challenge

The concept of the program is simple: read a book, any book, and have fun! 

The goal is to read 100 books before high school (and yes, you can repeat books). If you read 1 book a week, you will have read 52 books in a year.  That is over 100 books in just two years! You have more time than you think to complete the 100 Books Before High School challenge!

Enrollment can begin at any time.  Best of all, you can complete the program at your own pace! Sign up for 100 Books Before College through the FLWLIB Beanstack site and track your reading digitally!

 As always, is you have any questions, please stop at the Adult Info Desk for help. The Frank L. Weyenberg Library staff are eager to help you find books you’ll enjoy!